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Gracie's Next Door is your neighbourhood spot for relaxing, celebrating, and getting together. Sharable snacks, delectable entrees, gluten free and vegan options populate our menu. Complemented by extensive local craft beer, wines by the glass and cocktail lists.

Whether unwinding after work or looking for a night out, Gracies' cozy room and bar is the perfect setting. Private bookings are available for large groups. Make your way down for live music on Friday and Saturday nights, don't forget to bring a friend!

Thanks for popping Next Door.

L & D

Live Music

Join us on our heated and covered patios with amazing seats for a listening and viewing experience at both restaurants. Full schedule below:

Thursday, April 1 - Clay Scott
Friday, April 2 - Steve Halfnights
Saturday, April 3 - Antoinette Libelt
Sunday, April 4 - Ranj Singh

Monday, April 5 - Shaun Millar
Tuesday, April 6 - Johnny Bootleg
Wednesday, April 7 - Rachael Chatoor
Thursday, April 8 - Dan Hare
Friday, April 9 - Patrick Gavigan
Saturday, April 10 - Clay Scott
Sunday, April 11 - Bob Richard

Monday, April 12 - Alex Whittaker
Tuesday, April 13 - Steve Halfnights
Wednesday, April 14 - Patrick Gavigan
Thursday, April 15 - Antoinette Libelt
Friday, April 16 - Bob Richard
Saturday, April 17 - Jordan Burgess
Sunday, April 18 - Ranj Singh

Monday, April 19 - Jana Seale
Tuesday, April 20 - Patrick Gavigan
Wednesday, April 21 - Rachael Chatoor
Thursday, April 22 - Dan Hare
Friday, April 23 - Ranj Singh
Saturday, April 24 - Brad Lovell
Sunday, April 25 - Bob Richard

Monday, April 26 - Ryan Langevin
Tuesday, April 27 - Steve Halfnights
Wednesday, April 28 - Brad Lovell
Thursday, April 29 - Antoinette Libelt
Friday, April 30 - Patrick Gavigan

Saturday, May 1 - Johnny Bootleg
Sunday, May 2 - Ranj Singh

Monday, May 3 - Jana Seale
Tuesday, May 4 - Johnny Bootleg
Wednesday, May 5 - Rachael Chatoor
Thursday, May 6 - Dan Hare
Friday, May 7 - Patrick Gavigan
Saturday, May 8 - Brad Lovell
Sunday, May 9 - Bob Richard (Mother's Day)

Monday, May 10 - Antoinette Libelt
Tuesday, May 11 - Steve Halfnights
Wednesday, May 12 - Clay Scott
Thursday, May 13 - Antoinette Libelt
Friday, May 14 - Patrick Gavigan
Saturday, May 15 - Jordan Burgess
Sunday, May 16 - Ranj Singh

Monday, May 17 - Ryan Langevin
Tuesday, May 18 - Johnny Bootleg
Wednesday, May 19 - Rachael Chatoor
Thursday, May 20 - Dan Hare
Friday, May 21 - Antoinette Libelt
Saturday, May 22 - Jordan Burgess
Sunday, May 23 - Bob Richard

Come Celebrate at Gracie’s…

in small family groups.

We hope to host our private functions and cocktail parties soon. Right now, are booking reservations for small groups only. Please call to inquire about future bookings if you wish to be added to the waitlist when restrictions change. Or fill out the info below and we will keep it on file.

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Gracie's Next Door Menu

Dine-In Menus:

Desserts Menu [PDF]
Drinks Menu [PDF]
Dinner Menu [PDF]
Brunch Menu [PDF]
Dine Around Delta Menu [PDF]

March 12-28, 2021

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If reservation space is full, we have plenty of walk-in space allotted.

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