Live Music + Daily Happy Hour

We’re all ready for a little fun, especially on a sunny patio. Our extended patios are ready to host you and yours, and we have added a few extra treats to bring back a more social and festive vibe.

We are thrilled to launch our brand-new Mario’s Happy Hour, 7 days a week from 2-4:30. Stop by for $5 beer, wine, sangria and highballs with a $5 appy menu to match.

And all summer long, we are going to be featuring live music at our Centre Stage, located directly opposite the Gracie’s and Mario’s extended patios. So there are amazing seats for a listening and viewing experience at both restaurants. Live music will play 7 nights a week, weather dependant. And if you’re picking up take out, have a seat in one of our Adirondack chairs to enjoy the music before you go.

Here’s our line up for Live Music at Mario’s & Gracie’s:

June Schedule:
Thursday, June 18: Rachael Chatoor
Friday, June 19: Jordan burgess
Saturday, June 20: Scott Gerevas
Sunday, June 21: Jana Seale

Wednesday, June 24: Larry Edward
Thursday, June 25: Shaun Millar
Friday, June 26: Ray Roper
Saturday, June 27: Ray Roper
Sunday, June 28: Dan Hare

Tuesday, June 30: Dan Hare

July Schedule:
Wednesday, July 1: Scott Gerevas, Rachael Chatoor, TOM PETTY, STEVIE NICKS AND HER PARROT
Thursday, July 2: Steve Halfnights
Friday, July 3: Larry Edward
Saturday, July 4: Bob Richards
Sunday, July 5: Bob Richards

Wednesday, July 8: Bob Richards
Thursday, July 9: Rachael Chatoor
Friday, July 10: Scott Gerevas
Saturday, July 11: Jordan Burgess
Sunday, July 12: Alex Whittaker

Monday, July 13: Alan & Paula
Tuesday, July 14: Trevor Layton & Danny Greening
Wednesday, July 15: Jana Seale
Thursday, July 16: Shaun Millar
Friday, July 17: Bob Richards
Saturday, July 18: Rachael Chatoor
Sunday, July 19: Shaun Millar

Tuesday, July 14: Trevor Layton & Danny Greening
Wednesday, July 22: Larry Edward
Thursday, July 23: Dan Hare
Friday, July 24: Rachael Chatoor
Saturday, July 25: Scott Gerevas
Sunday, July 26: Jordan Burgess

Tuesday, July 30: Trevor Layton & Danny Greening
Wednesday, July 29: Matt Mccourt
Thursday, July 30: Antoinette Libelt
Friday, July 31: Rachael Chatoor

August Schedule:
Saturday, August 1: Bob Richard
Sunday, August 2: Larry Edward

Monday, August 3: BC Day All DAY – Dan Hare, Bob Richard, Rachael Chatoor

Tuesday, August 4: Trevor Layton & Danny Greening
Wednesday, August 5: Scott Gerevas
Thursday, August 6: Alex Whittaker
Friday, August 7: Jordan Burgess
Saturday, August 8: Bob Richards
Sunday, August 9: Jana Seale

Tuesday, August 11: Trevor Layton & Danny Greening
Wednesday, August 12: Steve Halfnights
Thursday, August 13: Larry Edward
Friday, August 14: Antoinette Libelt
Saturday,August 15: Rachael Chatoor
Sunday, August 16: Bob Richards

Tuesday, August 18: Trevor Layton & Danny Greening
Wednesday, August 19: Antoinette Libelt
Thursday, August 20: Alex Whittaker
Friday, August 21: Scott Gerevas
Saturday,August 22: Larry Edward
Sunday, August 23: Matt Mccourt

Tuesday, August 25: Trevor Layton & Danny Greening
Wednesday, August 26: Dan Hare
Thursday, August 27: Dan Hare
Friday, August 28: Rachael Chatoor
Saturday,August 29: Shaun Millar
Sunday, August 30: Jana Seale

September Schedule:
Tuesday, September 1: Trevor Layton & Danny Greening
Wednesday, September 2: Scott Gerevas
Thursday, September 3: Antoinette Libelt
Friday, September 4: Larry Edward
Saturday,September 5: Rachael Chatoor
Sunday, September 5: Antoinette Libelt

Labor Day TBD

We can’t wait to see you!