"Stressed spelled backwards is desserts. Coincidence? I think not!"Author Unknown


New York Cheesecake $9.95 GF
raspberries and house made whip cream

Ice Cream $5.95
house made flavours and all-time favourites

Rolo Ice Cream Pie $9.95 GF
oreo cookie crust, caramel sauce

Apple Tortilla $8.95
topped with butterscotch and ice cream

Creme Brulee $8.95 GF

Mudslide $7.95 GF
layers of chocolate pudding, whip cream, skor bits

Chocolate Torte $8.95 GF
served with raspberry coulis

Fruit Crumble $7.95 GF
baked and topped with vanilla ice cream


WARMERS | 2oz | $9

Polar Bear 
hot chocolate, peppermint schnapps, bailey's

kahlua, grand marnier, bailey's

Irish Coffee  
jamesons whiskey

Snow Cap
vanilla vodka, frangelico

Hot Toddy
bourbon, honey, lemon

French Connection
cognac, amaretto


Espresso, Americano $2.95
Latte, Cappuccino $3.95